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I can offer the following services:-


* DESIGN -  BS4994, EN12573 DVS2205
                    EN13121 : 2016 Standard
* Specialist Engineering Design for GRP & Thermoplastic Structures
* Design of Tanks, Vessels, Covers, Silos, Columns, Stacks, Scrubbers, Strippers etc. in both GRP & Thermoplastic, to :-
EN13121; BS4994:1987  BS5500, DVS2205 & EN12573
* Design of structural steelwork, including walkways, vessel supports, agitator bridges, saddles etc. to :-
BS449 & BS5950
* Seismic design of plant to UBC & regional codes
* Wind/Snow/Personnel loading design to :-
CP3 Chapter V & BS6399
* Design of miscellaneous GRP and/or Thermoplastic structures, eg. Tank covers, shuttering, cladding etc. using relevant design codes & procedures.
* All vessel configurations  eg Vertical, Horizontal & Rectangular.
* Design calcs can be supplied in either Word or PDF format
* Aid & assist in preparing specifications for GRP or Thermoplastic Process Plant to suit Purchaser requirements


I have full in-house facilities to produce AutoCAD 2000 drawings. Because of this I can offer a quick turnround for those 'fasttrack' jobs.
GA, working drawings, or just sketches, can be supplied in AutoCAD 2000, PDF or DXF format.


It is a requirement of designing to Category 1 of BS4994:1987 that there is independent approval of the design.  I can supply this service.
Given the necessary documentation I will endeavour to turn round these design verifications in a fraction of the time taken by the larger Engineering insurance Companies, as I am fully aware of the importance of not delaying the manufacturing time and hence, ultimately, the delivery time.
I have Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover for this requirement as well as general design work. 


You may have a requirement for developing a product range to the point where you would like a range of Standards drgs produced, or you may need help with your existing Product line in terms of design & drawings. I can supply this service to you, both quickly and economically.
Drgs can be supplied in AutoCAD 2000, DXF or PDF format.
Designs can be supplied in Word or PDF format.


I can supply Excel or Access based programs for many different applications and have long experience of providing these programs. I have completed a commission for the BPF
(British Plastics Federation) to program the new (2008) European standard for GRP Tanks
& Vessels above ground.
Typical applications have been :-
*  BS4994:1987 design (in Excel).
* EN12573 design (in Excel).
* Design & Costing of products to BS4994:1987 (in Excel).
* Purchase Order routine (in Access).
In the case of Costing routines you can arrive at a price in minutes rather than
the hour(s) it may have taken previously.

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